Nidhi Modi

Nidhi Modi

International Arbitrator, Mediator, Director and Counsel.

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Nidhi Modi is a Foreign Qualified lawyer, an International Arbitrator, Mediator, Director and Counsel at Center for International Alternative Dispute Resolution, CIADR. She is the Member of CIArb, UK and London Court of International Arbitration. Moreover, she received many prestigious Memberships at Malaysia, Singapore, Mumbai and WIPO -world Intellectual Property Organization. She enlisted as an International Arbitrator at Myanmar, Bangladesh and India. As a International Mediator and mediator panel at Germany, Bangladesh, India, USA and The UK.
She also delivered lectures on ADR at various Indian law schools and elected as a Judge for the many International Mediation, Arbitration, Negotiation and Client-Counseling Competitions. She is the Head of the Research and a Fellow member at World Mediation Organization, Germany, Berlin. She also Received prestigious Honorary Associateship At IBSLEGAL law Firm, Kolkata, India. She is Having more than 2+ years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in the Legal Service Industry. She has written 2 Articles which are Published in the Journal of WMO at Germany & Colombia.
She recently completed One international Book Project called “Family conflict During Pandemic- Stories of Struggle and Hope” where I contributed My Inspiring Story and the Book is Available on the Amazon.

➡️All the Civil matters and Litigation,
➡️Immigration law (UK)
➡️International Human rights and
➡️International & Domestic Arbitration, Mediation & Negotiation.

Online Dispute Resolution: A global Perspective

ODR Online dispute Resolution is a mechanism to resolve the disputes Online and also can be the systematic method of future Justice. In this Global world being updated with technologies is a very insightful and creative idea. Today we are living in very high and advance technological world where anything can be done with just one Click. Dispute generates each and every day, and most of the people would like to settle down those disputes which are arising from the various fields. It is a revolutionary change in Commercial and Legal market. As we aware that 2020 was very critical year for each and every one, and during the pandemic ODR platform became reliable option.

Online Dispute Resolution is the platform for all those who wants to resolve the amicable settlement. Use of this platform at Global level it means to help the process of judiciary in a very gentle way. ODR is very convenient and time saving process.

  • Informal, flexible and not bound by the strict rules of procedure and evidence.
  • Low or no cost of participation.
  • Well suited to low dollar and high-volume transactions.
  • Well suited to geographically disparate parties.
  • Well suited to disputes where parties may not emotionally be able to be in the same room.
  • Well suited to accommodating physical disabilities.
  • Process is confidential.
  • Lawyers often not required.
  • Requires access to and familiarity with internet technology.
  • Can be intimidating for people with language or communication issues.
  • Lacks personal interactions.
  • Not necessarily binding or enforceable.
  • Poorly suited to complex matters.
  • Lawyers often not required.
  • Adequate confidentiality cannot be ensured. Though data protection law is implemented it becomes difficult for the authorities when hackers try to hamper the information.[1]
  • It may give rise to jurisdictional issues. In the case of international law, four things are to be kept for consideration:
  • Details and merits of parties.
  • The redressal to obtain the claim.
  • Law to be applied for arbitration proceedings.
  • Conflict of respective country’s rules applicable to each of the foregoing laws


  • In the post pandemic times, ODR plays a very vital role to access the justice to the parties, in a very peaceful, effective and reliable way.
  • In the future ODR will definitely become helping and expedient tool of resolution.
  • Trust issues between consumers and ODR specialists.
  • Dealing with people who are not much aware about ecosystem of ODR. [1]


  • Compare to India most of European Counties or other developed countries are much advanced in terms of technologies, ADR process awareness etc. now a days there are several online platforms available to compete in this Global context. During the pandemic at least we all aware about this creative ecosystem of technologies. For an Example- all the local governments or international communities look at solution of education, e-court systems, online shopping of most probably all the things, a good schedule of meetings and conferences. This way become more trustable for parents, lawyers, educational institutions. It also helps professional to find out easier and cost-effective way to resolve the disputes between the parties. Most of the webinars, conferences and International Competitions took places via online platform, which helps students and professional to reach out very comfortable level. Via online platform most of the powerful institutions started some virtual classes which helps economically poor students to build their
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